About Me


I am currently a PhD Candidate in the field of Computer Vision, Robotics, and AI at Duke University.

My primary research interests lie in advancing the state of the art in AI, particularly machine perception, and I view robotics as the natural application of this desire. Because robots must operate in the physical word; they force AI approaches "ground" themselves in reality. 

I'm part of of the Intelligent Robot Lab, supervised by Dr. George Konidaris. If you're interested in my CV, you can find it here.


My interest began when...

I took my first undergraduate AI course with Dr. Xiaojin Zhu at UW-Madison. From that moment on, I was hooked.

Dr. Xiaojin Zhu and his colleague, Dr. Charles Dyer, introduced me to the world of research; under them, I discovered my passion for computer vision and machine learning.

As a PhD student at Duke University, I discovered a third passion: robotics. In my research, I spend my time trying to marry the three disciplines. My thesis work is a result of this marriage; I want to enable robots to better understand the world around them and better function in complicated environments (such as people's homes).


In my personal life...

I enjoy cooking, technology, and travel. I am fortunate to be married to the woman of my dreams who is pursuing her PhD in Biochemistry. When she's not making me feel intimidated by the sheer volume of dangerous things in her lab, one of our favorite pastimes is exploring new places and sampling new cuisines.

My wife (Eileen) and I exploring the Rockies

My wife (Eileen) and I exploring the Rockies